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Special Programs

Pre-Advanced Placement (Pre-AP) Program

S. Bruce Smith School offers a Pre-Advanced Placement program for grade 7, grade 8 and grade 9. Placement in this program is not guaranteed.  Entrance criteria will consist of multiple factors.

Students new to our school must submit a Request to Participate package to be considered.  


  • Completed Request to Participate package due on or before the deadline indicated on SchoolZone.
  1. Student information sheet
  2. Parent recommendation
  3. Copy of most recent report card
  • Teacher recommendation received by S.B.S from grade 6 teacher prior to the deadline. 

District Centre Programs

S. Bruce Smith is a district centre for Opportunity and Strategies Programs.  

For those parents choosing to have their child enrolled in one of these programs:

  • You are required to write this on your child’s pre-enrolment passport.
  • Your current school will initiate a placement request to SBS by a process referred to as SNAP (Special Needs Assisted Placement).
  • The SchoolZone enrollment must be completed by the Districted deadline that is established each year.
  • Your current school will notify you of your status and next steps through this process.

Opportunity Program

Opportunity programming supports students with mild cognitive disabilities and significant
academic delays for future independent living and employment.

Students in our Opportunity program can expect:

  • To be placed in a multi-graded classroom for academic classes, with work at an appropriately challenging level
  • To be included with other classes for GSG, physical education and all complementary courses

Strategies Program

Strategies programming supports students with average or higher cognitive ability who have
learning disabilities demonstrated by significant delays in academic areas.  Students are expected to develop sufficient learning strategies and academic skills to enable them to return to regular

Students in our Strategies program can expect:

  • To  be placed with students in a small group setting for academic classes
  • To be included with students from other classes for GSG, physical education and all
    complementary courses