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Complementary Courses

The purpose of complementary subjects at the junior high level is to provide an exploration of various interest areas.  The potential complementary courses for next year will be scheduled dependent upon demand. Student timetables will include one of the following patterns.

  • 2 full year options
  • 1 full year option and 3 trimestered options
  • 6 trimestered options

Our district and school staff continue to engage in processes that ensure that we are in compliance with Bill One legislation. As such, we do not yet have our exact fees determined. While most fees are small, if you have a concern that may impact your choice of courses, please contact Mrs. Fedoriuk in the SBS office (780-444-4946) and she can answer any questions you might have.

Art - (Trimestered Grades 7, 8, & 9) *Note:  Fee

Students will explore art through a variety of media and techniques, including drawing, painting and sculpting. Students will learn to apply skills in a way that develops their ability to create realistic pieces and to look at art as a form of personal expression.

Careers & Employment (Work Study Grade 9 only)

The focus of the career exploration options is to provide students with an opportunity to develop a functional resume, practice interviewing strategies and then apply these skills in an off-campus work site through a work study placement.  Students spend approximately forty hours at an off campus site.

Computer Studies (Trimestered)

In this course students will gain the confidence and skills needed to effectively use computers in a variety of settings, including at school, home, and in the work place. During this course, students will work on a variety of projects to gain practical experience and to develop proficiencies in word processing, spreadsheets, graphic tools, media, and presentations. A focus in this class will be using Google Docs and similar sites to collaborate and share their work.

Career Technology Foundations  (Trimestered) *Note:  Fee

Career Technology Foundations (CTF) help students explore their interests and passions while developing skills and competencies.  They may make connections to career possibilities and occupational areas. The CTF program at S. Bruce Smith enables students to sample one module per trimester from the career courses listed below.

CTF Construction and Technology

Communication Technologies

  • Digital Video
  • Screen Printing
  • Animation

Construction Technologies

  • Solid Stock Constructions



Fabrication Studies

  • Sheet Stock Fabrication
  • Computer Aided and Design Fabrication

CTF Foods and Fashion 

Fashion Studies

  • Ready, Set, Sew
  • Fun with Fashion


  • Food Basics
  • Baking Basics
  • Snacks and Appetizers
  • Fast and Convenient Foods
  • Meal Planning

Creative Writing (Full year)

Creative Writing is designed to encourage students to develop creative ideas and express them through writing in a variety of forms and genres. The four genres of creative writing featured will be poetry, short fiction, play writing, and non-fiction. Students are encouraged to explore many different ways of conveying meaning through writing, and to see how methods and styles vary within cultures and time periods. Through experiences in creative writing, students are encouraged to see connections between their own writing, the writing of others, and the broader world around them.

Dance (Trimestered Grade 9 only)

In this course students will take part in a variety of different dance styles and disciplines. These styles include Jazz, Modern/Contemporary, Ballet, and World Dance.  Students will develop the foundations of each dance form including basic dance etiquette, as well as simple choreography.  As a part of the course students will choreograph their own dance routines. Students will also learn about historical figures in dancing as well as the history of events that have influenced the role that dance plays in our society. 

Drama (Trimestered)

The Drama program is of a developmental nature encouraging growth emotionally, physically, socially, and intellectually. It is an activity-oriented class and students must learn to work cooperatively with all other class members. Emphasis is placed on self-discipline, participation, cooperation, and respect of the work of oneself and others.  The Drama program can be divided into five main components: movement, speech, improvisation/acting, theatre studies, and technical theatre.

Environment Outdoor Education (Trimestered)  *Note:  Fee

Environmental and Outdoor Education is the option for you if you enjoy spending time outside and learning more about nature. This class has two main focuses: outdoor expeditions and environmental investigations. In outdoor expeditions, you will have the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills to prepare to participate in a variety of outdoor activities, such as snowshoeing, orienteering, hiking and rock climbing. In environmental investigations, you will develop a greater awareness of and appreciation for the natural world and our impact on it.

Forensics (Trimestered Grade 9 only)

Students will learn and experiment with many different areas in the field of forensic science. Topics include hair analysis, blood spatter, fingerprinting, DNA analysis, and crime scene sketching. Due to the graphic nature of some topics this course may not be suitable for everyone.

Guitar (Trimestered)  *Note: Fee

This complementary course will introduce students to the tuning and care of the guitar, basic strumming techniques, and a repertoire of 5 to 10 chords as they work their way through numerous songs. Students will learn to read tab and basic music rudiments including pitch recognition and rhythmic notation. They will also learn music from ethnic and music traditions on drums and percussion, including some dances. 

Instrumental Music (Full year)  
*Note: A fee of $100 is collected to cover the costs of instrument rental.  If the student owns their own instrument; the fee may be waived.

Come join our band and learn to play a woodwind, brass, guitar or percussion instrument.  Absolutely no prior musical experience is  necessary!  Choose to play one of your favourite instruments after hearing a demonstration on each one. Students will either need to rent an instrument from the school (approved by the band director) or use their own personal instrument.

Learn to Lead (Full year Grade 8 & 9 only)

Learning to Lead is an option for grade 8 and 9 students.  Students learn to develop an awareness of the principles and practices of leadership and learn to implement and assess a personal leadership plan.  Students in the Learn to Lead class are responsible for leading GSG activities, organizing school wide activities, assemblies, and working in partnership with our elementary feeder schools.

Sports Performance (Trimestered)  *Note: Fee

Sports Performance is a blend of fitness, sports medicine and nutrition. This exciting option is for students who are looking to enhance their fitness level and learn more about how the body reacts to stretching and exercise. Students will be involved in a wide range of activities that might include classroom sessions on biology and kinesiology, fitness center sessions focused on cardiovascular and muscular endurance, or gym sessions applying concepts of movement to a wide range of sports. This option is suited to both athletes who want to improve their performance and any students interested in developing fitness and wellness.

World History (Trimestered Grade 7 only)

To understand today’s world, students must learn about its past since many ancient civilizations laid strong foundations for modern cultures. In this course, students will learn how ideas, events, and people of those early ages have shaped our lives. We will study their culture and the impact it had on their civilization, their beliefs and gods, and how the geography of the land influenced their way of life. A variety of civilizations and key events will be taught prior to 1500 and will include up to the end of the Medieval period and the beginning of the Age of Discovery of the New World.