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Complementary Courses

The purpose of complementary subjects at the junior high level is to provide an exploration of various interest areas. The potential complementary courses for next year will be scheduled dependent upon demand.


Grade 7 (Trimester)

Science Investigation: Human Body Systems
Students will investigate the functions, organs, and possible diseases of the different human body systems.

Game Strategy
Students will develop their critical thinking, collaboration, analyzing, and problem solving skills as they play games, socialize, and have fun. These games will include card games, board games, and interactive games. Once students have become expert strategizers, they will have the opportunity to create a game of their own to challenge their classmates and friends.

Grade 8 (Trimester)

Invention Convention
Welcome to the Scorpion's Den!  In this option, students will test their ingenuity and creativity while developing the skills of collaboration, leadership, and critical thinking.   Students will have the opportunity to identify a need, invent a product, build a model or prototype, prepare a sales pitch for a class convention, and attempt to win the glory of the greatest inventor.

Game, Inquiry, Strategy, and Practice
Students will focus on wellness, collaboration and strategy in this option. Using a variety of cooperative and competitive games, students will utilize comprehension and analysis skills and foster discovery through inquiry, reflection, exploration and resourcefulness. Assessment will be on participation and the opportunity to inquire about creating a complete board game for fellow students to experience.

Students will complete projects that focus on developing a variety of fundamental computer skills. Students will create an internet safety video, learn how to calculate formulas and build graphs in google sheets, and develop their programming skills. 

Grade 9 (Trimester)

Forensic Science

Students will investigate employment opportunities in the tourism industries and describe various motivating factors for travel.  Students will create and evaluate an Alberta, Canada and/or an international travel package, including itinerary, tour and attractions information, and traveller information. Assessment will be based on completion of the project as well as a self-evaluation of their skills and teacher input.

Film Exploration
Students will be provided with an opportunity to explore their interest in film while developing visual literacy and critical thinking skills learned through visual media.  Students will focus on responding to and reflecting on selected, age appropriate visual media.Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship
Students will explore social entrepreneurship; an approach by an individual, group or company that aims to support community-based problems, social issues, and contribute to social good through a business model.  They will investigate creating an idea which will bring positive change to our local community.

Active Living
Students will explore a variety of concepts related to active living. They will develop skills required to create a positive and cooperative working environment, demonstrating both teamwork and sportsmanship. Students will apply these skills to healthy living, games, and other physical activities.  Students will also consider connections between careers and physical activity.

Grade 7, 8 and 9 (Trimester)

Construction and Technology (CTF) - Trimester
Construction and Technology is a CTF (Career and Technology Foundations)option that allows the student to gain experience in one of eight different modules from the following strands: Construction, Fabrication, and Communication. 

Foods & Fashion - Trimester
Foods & Fashions is a program designed to help students develop skills they can apply in daily living, make effective career choices, and prepare for entry into the workplace of further learning opportunities. The curriculum is organized into the Foods & Fashion strands and modules of study.

Art - Trimester
Students will explore art through a variety of media and techniques, including drawing, painting and sculpting. Students will learn to apply skills in a way that develops their ability to create realistic pieces and to look at art as a form of personal expression.

Drama - Trimester
Students will explore their creative side through a variety of different topics in Drama.  Some topics covered will include speech, movement, theatre games, scene study, improvisation, technical theatre and film study.


Instrumental Music (Full year)  
*Note: A fee of up to $75 is collected to cover the costs of instrument rental. If the student owns their own instrument; the fee may be waived.
Once people find out I'm a music teacher, they almost ALWAYS tell me, "Man, I wished I learned an instrument when I was young".  Don't be that person 20 years from now! Come learn a new skill that has been proven to positively help develop the brain, and have fun doing it!  Plus, it looks good on any resume!